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How to Avoid Land-and-Expand Strategy Pitfalls

November 8, 2016
11:00 am CST

The key to success lies in equipping your reps with the ability to create value for customers. Join this GrowthPlay webinar to learn how to pivot to a successful Land-and-Expand strategy, exploring topics such as Why your current strategy isn’t working and how to change it, How to enable your reps to get beyond the technical buyer and more.


Skills that the Next Generation of Business Leaders Need

September, 2016

Employees looking to climb the corporate ladder often have this mistaken notion that performing tasks well is all it takes to get to the next rung. But the reality is that technical competency does not make you the best candidate to get promoted and manage a team.

Why Great Sales People Make Terrible Sales Managers

October 12, 2016

Spend any time with a sales organization and you are bound to hear a similar story – a story about a great rep who failed the transition to sales manager. This story is about Jon. It is set in a venerable, widely known, widely respected organization headquartered in the Northeast and Jon was their latest superstar …

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Some Thoughts on Being a Man in Asia

by Michael Griffin, ELAvate

For the past 2 weeks, I have been hosting Dr. Patrick Morley on a speaking tour across China and Southeast Asia. Dr. Morley is the author of “Man in the Mirror – Solving the 24 Problems Men Face.” This book has sold 3 million copies and was voted one of the most influential books of the 20th century. Recently Pat updated and rewrote the book for the 21st century …

Now The Customer Wants to Negotiate! Part Two – Negotiation Timing, Strategies & Skills

by Michael Griffin, ELAvate

In my last blog post on negotiating, I shared when to negotiate and what is the difference between selling and negotiating. This blog covers when to negotiate, your strategies for negotiating and overview of the skills employed in negotiations …

How to Ask the Tough Questions in Your Sales Discovery Process

by Brian Walsh, GrowthPlay

When you are trying to drill down on a business issue with the largest impact, you need a great sales discovery process that demonstrates your perspective and positive business intent. You need solid questions, if you want to effectively map your value to their business problems …

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