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Qstream Webinar: Secrets to Making Your Sales Methodology Stick

August 17, 2016 12:00 PM CDT

Four things you should know about your salesforce – but probably don’t. You should know these things because they are critical elements of any talent analytics process or they are critical, high-impact indicators of the quality of your sales force or the effectiveness of your sales talent processes. You could know them. You should know them. But you probably don’t know them. Join us as we explore the four things you should know about your sales force.


Four Areas Sales Leaders Must Stress for a Strong Finish to 2016

July 12, 2016

MHI Global, one of the largest organizations dedicated to workforce performance improvement, announced today that sales and service organizations must focus on four key areas during the second half of 2016 to impact their revenue targets and have a greater effect on the business. Byron Matthews, CEO of MHI Global, revealed the four main focus areas …

GrowthPlay and Qstream Ensure High-Growth Tech Sales Teams Have What it Takes to Win in 2016

August 3, 2016

Qstream, makers of mobile enterprise software for igniting high-performance sales teams, and GrowthPlay, a leading sales effectiveness firm, today announced that a growing number of successful, high-growth technology sales teams have deployed the companies’ innovative approach to improving client interactions. Proven in rigorous scientific trials …

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Activating Organizational Change that Lasts

by Michael Griffin, ELAvate

Many times a week I come across blogs that speak about how to change yourself, eliminate bad habits and learn new ways to do things. How much more difficult it is then for you to be tasked to change a team, a department or a whole company.Achieve+Forum (formerly AchieveGlobal) has conducted in depth research on the obstacles to organizational change and the 10 high impact actions …

Successful Sales People Practice Intentional Living

by Michael Griffin, ELAvate

Last week Dr. John Maxwell came to Singapore and Jakarta. I was inspired, blessed and motivated to reach new levels of success and significance as a leader, B2B sales manager, father, and coach listening to John being intentional in his seminars. He has sold over 25 million leadership books, his organizations have trained 6 million leaders, and he is 69 years old, still going strong. Why? Because John has been “intentional” with …

With Self-Awareness Comes an Increased Interview IQ

by Jennifer Lawhead, TTI Success Insights 

If ever there were a time to develop self-awareness, we would wish it to be the college years. Then this journey towards self-awareness and potential self-acceptance would give young adults entering the job force a distinct advantage. The idea was simple: use TTI’s Talent Insights assessments and Eric’s coaching to prep college students for the real world in a very personalized way …

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